Change gold euro

The best way to change your or in euro with US !

Most people who want to change or are not well informed. They change in euro without knowing all the information must include namely the price of gold on the market today. This lack of intelligence and drive them to sell their gold at a low price and let others enjoy it. If you want to change or rapidly in euro, the best alternative would be to make a price comparison of course knowing the market price for not having you. If not here are some tips for your change in euro as soon as possible gold.

By going to a goldsmith

The most honest way to change or record time is to go straight to a jeweler or a goldsmith. Within minutes professionals to buy your gold. The value of your jewelry or scrap gold can be determined quickly. For this, the goldsmith uses a small base on which it will rub the jewelry. The base in question is a touchstone in the jargon of goldsmiths. If your gold leaves yellow trace, this is gold. It will then, there apply, chemicals including acids to determine the purity of your metal. There is a specific product for each draw going from 14 to 22 carats. After, it will place your jewelry on a precision balance before the change in euro. Of course for this to work you need to create competition between these stores.

Going to the post office

Many businesses whether large or small, online or offline may offer to buy your gold at great prices. However, it is often on the web you can find prices corresponding to your expectations. Indeed, possession of a shop can be very expensive if one only speaks of rent, but also taxtes employee salary. Online, these costs do not exist. In addition, it will be much easier for you especially if you do not live near the shop. If you then go for online shopping sites, know that it is much safer for not only your jewelry will be insured for loss but the broker will be the one to take care of the shipping costs. You have at your disposal several sites that offer to redeem your prize. Simply finding the good in informing you, for example on blogs, forums and more.